The why of 14er Creative Studios

Colorado is home to 53 peaks over 14,000 feet in elevation.  Climbing just one peak is an accomplishment that takes perseverance, an adventurous spirit, and a drive to experience the extraordinary. 

That is the core of the 14er philosophy - keep pushing and achieve something new, exciting, and even better than the last.  If it was easy, we need a taller peak.  

Art is ...

What is art?  You know it when you see it, but pinning it down can be difficult - just ask the Dadaists.

Art is communicating an idea using the elements of design.  Whether or not art is something else remains to be seen, but at it's core, art is communication.  Art says SOMETHING.  No message - no art.  (That's where crafts live.)  

About the Artist

Blake Lasley is 14er's Creative Director.  He brings a multifarious background in architecture, graphic design, environmental graphics and fine art. Each discipline has helped refine a different aspect of the design language and they all share a common thread: giving form to ideas.

The media doesn't matter as the ideas are communicated with the elements of design.  Line, shape, color, texture, balance, etc. are universal to visual communication.  The message will shine through any media as long as the artist is technically proficient and able to listen to the audience.

While specific tasks range widely between industries - and even within companies - the characteristics of design work translate very well across the board. Blake’s work has been focused on creative problem solving, technical exploration, attention to detail, and the organization of complex systems.